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500 Interesting Facts about India

Facts about India is rich from old time because the trading business is coming from the old time and they use gold as a money to sell or buy something that is why India is also known as a gold bird

Interesting Facts about India

Facts about India
Facts about India

500 Facts about India  

1. The well-known diamond Kohinoor has come from India

Facts about India Kohinoor diamond came out of the mines named Kollur of India. Kollur mine is also known as Golconda mine. The weight of the Kohinoor diamond is 105.6 carrot means 21.12 grams. After that Queen Victoria took her to England

2. The world’s biggest superstar Shahrukh Khan is the Indian

This whole world believes that the world’s biggest superstar is Shaharuk Khan, and we should be proud of it.

Facts about India
Facts about India

3. World’s least beer consumes in India

4. Indian satellite Chandryan 1 firstly found water on the moon

What NASA said forty years ago not have water on the moon. That is what Chandrayaan of India proved wrong and tell the whole world that moon surface has water. after that NASA sent his appoxi satellite to find water on the moon and that satellite also finds water on the surface of the moon. This means that India has only discovered the water on the moon.

5. India is one of the countries that has given mathematics a lot.

  • 0 (ZERO)
  • Algebra
  • Decimal System and Quadratic formula
  • Trigonometry
  • Weights
  • Length
  • Fibonacci Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Binary Code
  • Infinite Series
  • Some Formulas

And a lot of more

6. 70% masala of the worlds goes from India.

Most of the world is spiced (spices) goes from India and Dry Beans such as Chhole and Rajma are also the largest producers of India.

7. Worlds Biggest school in terms of children has in India

The world’s biggest school name is “city is Montessori School”, which has a total of 40,000 children and has 2500 teachers in it and this school is in Lucknow. And these are also recorded in Guinness Book of World Record. all Facts about India

8. One of the 7 wonders of the world Taj Mahal in India.

And he is in Agra.

9. 11% of the world’s gold is with women of India

Lot of than the gold reserve of America and Germany, which is only formed women of India.

10. The invention of the famous game snake and ladder is also in India.

Snake and ladder game was discovered in the 13th century. In ancient India, it was known as Moksha Pantam and it’s very popular at that time.

11. India is the world’s first country where MRP is written on every product

So that no shopkeeper can sell that item in excess of that price

12. USB discovered by an Indian in1994 and his name is Ajay Bhatt

13. ISRO has transported its first rocket from the bicycle to the launching station to launch

14.I SRO has transported its first satellite from the bullock cart to the launching station

15. Shampoo was discovered in India

Shampoo name is also from Indian Sanskrit word ‘champo’ means massage of head

16. 38% of American doctors are Indian

17. 12% of American scientists are Indian

18. 36% of NASA’s scientists are Indian

19. 28% of IBM employees are Indian

20. 17% of Intel employees are Indian

Facts about India
Facts about India

Facts about India

21. 34% of Microsoft employees are Indian

22. India is the first place in the world in the production of pomegranate

Facts about India

23. In the production of Fruits and Vegetables India is 2nd rank in the world

China is in 1st rank of production of fruits and vegetables in the world

24. In the case of cultivating India comes in 2nd place in the world

In the case of cultivating China comes in 1st place in the world

25. India is the first place in the world in terms of production of ginger

China in 2nd position

26. India is the first place in the world in terms of turmeric production.

pakistan in 2nd position

27. In the case of production of red chilies, India is the first place in the world

China in 2nd position

28. In the case of production of cumin, India is the first place in the world

2nd place is turkey

29. India is 2nd in the world in terms of green chili production

1st place in Vietnam

30. In the case of steel production, India is 3rd in the world.

First place in China and Japan in second place

31. India’s Internet users are more than the total population of America

32. The world’s largest newspaper is published in India

And whose total number is 5221 and it is available in many languages, the number of those who read more than 12 million

33. Only 3% of Indians pay income tax

India is a farming country, more peoples are farmers and farmers not pay any tax in India

34. The most butter in the world is made in India

35. In the case of apple production, India is at 5th place in the world.

All Facts about India

36. In the case of banana production, India is the first place in the world

37. India is the first place in the world in terms of jute production.

If you do not know, it is a kind of fibrous plant, which is used to make clothes of sacks, grapes, tarpaulin, tents, ropes, tots, and undergarments. The height of these trees ranges from 14 to 15 feet. And this is a great work tree. all Facts about India

38. In the case of cardamom production, India is 2nd in the world.

nepal is in first place

39. In the case of cashew production, India is the first place in the world

Facts about India
Facts about India

40. In terms of production of tomato, India is 2nd in the world.

China is in first place

41. Virat Kohli is the world’s best batsman in Tests and ODIs

42. India is the world’s largest reading country.

On average, every Indian reads more than 10 hours every week.

43. India is the second largest country in the world using the Internet

China is in the first position Best Facts about India

44. India is 2nd in the world with the number of mobile phones in the world

China is in the first position

45. India imports the highest military weapons in the world

India buys most of the weapons in the world

46. CEO of Cognizant Company is also Indian

Whose name is Francis Desouza

47. CEO of Microsoft Company is also Indian

Whose name is Satya Nadela

48. Google’s CEO is also Indian

Whose name is Sundar Pichai

49. CEO of Adobe company is also Indian

Whose name is Shantanu Narayan

50. Pepsi Company CEO is also Indian

Whose name is Indra Krishnamurthy, and she is a woman

51. CEO of MasterCard Company is also Indian

Whose name is Ajaypal Singh Baiga

52. India is the world’s largest genetic drug exporter

53. India is the 4th largest technology importer country in the world.

Amazing Facts about India

54. India has captured 66% of the world’s IT sector, and it is a matter of pride

55. The world’s largest IT sector is in India only

56. TATA company has bought the company Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford

57. The UK’s largest private sector employer is Indian

TATA is the largest employer company in the UK, which is Ratan Tata’s Amazing Facts about India

58. In the case of rice production, India is 2nd in the world.

Best Facts about India

59. In the case of Wheat production, India is 2nd position in the world.

60. In other countries, one city becomes a big city, but in India, there are only two such cities that are included in the list of major cities in the world. It is Delhi and Mumbai.

61. The largest railway bridge in the world is in India

The name of this bridge is Chenab and He is in Jammu Kashmir

62. In India, more people than vegetarians That’s why Macdonald KFC companies also had to make a vegetarian menu in India.

63. India is the first country in Asia, whose satellite has reached Mars

64. India is the only country which has sent its satellite to Mars in its first attempt.

The name of this satellite is Mangalyaan

65. The world’s first floating post office is also in India

This post office is in Dal Lake, Shri Nagar.

Facts about India
Facts about India

66. Most films in the world are made in India

67. The world’s largest post offices are in India

There are a total of 1 lakh 55 thousand 618 post offices in India and more than 5 lakh 66 thousand people work, so India is the world’s largest postal network.

68. Most mangoes in the world are grown in India.

There are more than 1500 species of mango in India, all these are also sent to other countries.

69. India’s army has not attacked till now to capture any country

70. More than 1.3 million people work in Indian Railways, which is more than the total population of some countries.

71. Yoga is done in India for last 5000 years

72. Chess is also discovered in India

The invention of the chess was also done in India 1500 years ago

73. The world’s big family is in India

This family lives in Mizoram of India, his head is Zihona Chana, 39 Wifes are his 94 children and 33 grandchildren, all of whom live in the same house and this family is the world’s largest family.

74. Plastic Surgery was also the first in India

Plastic surgery was first made by a SainSushrutaSushrta of India who completed this by adding a cut nose and the plastic surgery used say are a developed form of the method of its time.

75. First of all, the buttons were used in India’s Mohenjo-Daro civilization.

And the remains of these Butano are also found

76. The world’s highest level cricket Ground in India.

These grounds are in Himachal Pradesh of India, which was built in 1893, it is about 2444 meters high.

77. Sugar is made in India for the first time

Sugar has been discovered in India.

78. The world’s largest milk producer is India.

India has given its name to the largest milk producer in the world, leaving behind the European Union in 2014, India is the country which produces the largest milk producer in the world.

79. The Golden Temple of Amritsar daily consumes food more than one lakh people free of cost.

The Golden Temple of Amritsar daily consumes more than 1 lakh people free of cost, where the religion or caste of people who eat food is not seen.

80. In Tirupati Balaji, 60 to 70 thousand people visit every day, which is more than the people coming to any religious place in the world.

In the same year 2016, 2 million 73 lakh people visited while the same year saw an increase of more than Rs. 11 thousand crores this year.

81. The highest masjid in India is more than any Muslim country.

There is more than 3 lakh masjid in India, Muslim is the second largest religion in India, and that is more than any Muslim country.

82. Every major religion in the world is found in India.

In India, every major religion is found in the world, so far the whole world has ended, the Parsi religion is living peacefully in the last 2500 years in India.

83. World’s 7th largest navy is in India

  • Indian Navy has 2 aircraft carrier
  • 14 WARSHIP
  • 26 Small WARSHIPS
  • 135 Coastal Defense Ship

84. The world’s 4th largest Air Force is from India

  • Indian Air Force has a total of 2086 aircraft.

85. India is the 3rd most soldiers country in the world.

Facts about India
Facts about India

86. World’s 4th most powerful army of India

  • There are a total of 1.4 million Active Soldiers and 21 lakh
  • reserve soldiers.
  • The Indian Army has 6464 tanks
  • 6704 AFV
  • 290 SPG
  • And 292 MLRs included

87. India is the second most populated country in the world.

China is one of the most populous countries in the world, whose population is 137.87 million and India comes second, with a population of 122.46

88. All the Kabaddi World Cups till now have won only by India’s team.

Apart from this, the Indian women team also won all the World Cups so far 5 World Cups in the world that all India has won.

89. The highest rainfall in the world is in the Mausinam of Meghalaya state.

Meghalaya Maushinam is the rainiest place in the world, it has rain in the year 466 inches throughout the year. Meghalaya means the land of clouds. Amazing Facts about India

90. The 2011 Kumbh Mela so crowded that it could also be see from the space.

More than 7.5 million pilgrims gathered in this fair in one place. These numbers are more than the total population of some major countries. There so much rush here that it could also be see from space

91. India is the most English-speaking country after America in the world

After the United States, most of the English is spoken in India, and people say that we do not speak English. About 13 million people speak English

92. Worldwide space agency ISRO has set the world record for sending the most satellite in 1 rocket.

None of these records have been broken till date, ISRO has set a world record by putting together 104 satellites in space, with 101 satellites being of other countries, then only 3 were India and the second record was made by Russia. Only by sending 37 satellites.

93. Most vegetarian people in the world are in India

38% of the total population of India is vegetarian. And this is the world’s most vegetarian country.

94. India is the only country in the world whose meat consumption rate is the lowest

This means that India has the lowest meat consumption in the world.

95. After 2015, the brain script is used in the currency printed in India.

Due to this virtue, blind and less visible people also have the easy to recognize notes. He can feel that how many rupees have these notes, and now India has become the 5th country which makes such notes.

96. The first cataract operation was first performed in India.

This operation was first performed by Sushruta Samhita who had done in the 3rd century. Facts about India

97. Until the 18th century, India was the only country where diamonds were found.

Even today, there are three working diamond mines in India.

And the diamonds digging daily

Best Facts about India

98. An Indian has discovered the Pentium Chip that is used in a computer laptop.

An Indian named Vinod Dham, the inventor of the Pentium Chip had done 90% computers use today.

99. Indian Civilization also the one of the old civilization of the world

100. India has a nuclear power country



Facts about India

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