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Privacy Policy

What kind of information do we collect?
qnaenglish is an english website here we do not collect any of your information here except the email id, we store your email ID only when you subscribe to our blog by putting your email ID in our blog Email ID subscribes to then, you receive email of our new post information, and we do not share your email ID with any third party

Do we share your information with a third party?
We do not sell any kind of things, nor do we share any kind of information with anyone else.

Third Party Link Publish
You can not publish any website or link to a permissions page on our website unless you have a permit, if you make a comment, then you can insert the address of your website but can not link to any posts. Keep in mind that if you do this, your comment will be deleted.

qnaenglish’s term and condition
Attention qnaenglish can change your privacy policy at any time, if there is any change in our website then you can check on this page.