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What is RPF (Railway Protection Force) what works, how to join, how much salaries

What is RPF (Railway Protection Force) what works, how to join, how much salaries? Before joining the RPF (Railway Protection Force), you should know how the RPF (Railway Protection Force) works, how it works. To what place does it work? It is important to know that why you should know all your duties after joining the RPF (Railway Protection Force). And if you know all this then you will feel proud of your work and will also increase your confidence.

What is RPF (Railway Protection Force) what works, how to join, how much salaries

What is the RPF (Railway Protection Force):-

The RPF (Railway Protection Force) is one of the best security forces in the country. There are many functions of RPF (Railway Protection Force), RPF (Railway Protection Force) is the independent police force of the Railways. Its work is to offer peace to the railway premises.

RPF (Railway Protection Force)

 What RPF (Railway Protection Force) works: –

  1. Implementation of Railway Act and laws.
  2. Protecting passenger of Indian railway.
  3. Protect the passenger’s luggage.
  4. Take care of whose passenger’s goods are stolen.
  5. Stop the crime in the railway.
  6. Prevent criminals from committing crimes and arrest them.
  7. Protecting Railway.
  8. All the crimes in the railway are investigated and RPF (Railway Protection Force) does all the court work.
  9. All Railway Route RPF (Railway Protection Force) goes forward
  10. Protecting the property of the entire railway.
  11. Keeping peace in the railway premises.
  12. Protecting within the Railway.
  13. To convince people that you are safe on the railway.
  14. Protecting VIP in the railway premises.
  15. If there is any crime in the moving railway, then give protection against it.
  16. If there is an accident in the railway then investigate.
  17. The responsibility for the security of both the railway and the passenger is to the RPF (Railway Protection Force).
  18. Check rail tracks from time to time.
  19. To stop the molestation in the railway and to arrest the culprit.
  20. RPF (Railway Protection Force) has to take responsibility for the security of the entire station.
  21. Tell the people about the station’s cleanness.
  22. Do not allow anyone to mess with the station.
  23. Resolve the conflicts within the station.
  24. Take people to the hospital in an emergency.
  25. If there is an accident with the moving train, immediately help or offer peace.
  26. Take care of Railway property without any kind of damage.
  27. If there is any attack on the railway, take care of the stress until you get the RPSF.
  28. RPF (Railway Protection Force) got khaki uniform and they do not have any weapon.
  29. In an emergency, the RPF Railway Protection Force has to handle the moratorium till the arrival of the RPSF and GRPF.
  30. If someone gets injured, then they take him to the hospital RPF (Railway Protection Force).
  31. And all the work is done by RPF Railway Protection Force.

How to Join the RPF (Railway Protection Force):-

There are some eligibility to join the RPF Railway Protection Force, which if you cross, you are eligible for RPF Railway Protection Force. Here too, it is important to have the age too.

  • You must be 10th pass.
  • You must be between 18 and 25 years old.
  • If you are in SC / ST then you get 5 years of age and you are 18 to 30 years old.
  • If you are in the OBC, then you have three years of exemption. You are 18 to 28 years old.
  • And need some physical qualifications.
  • You have to pay more attention to physical entitlements.

How many posts are there in RPF (Railway Protection Force): –

We will only talk about the posts that are in the field.


How much salaries are available in RPF Railway Protection Force : –

  • The CONSTABLE starts at the beginning of 25380.
  • HEAD CONSTABLE starts with an initial date of 29730.
  • ASI ASSTT Startup SUB-INSPECTOR (Sub Inspector) starts with 34080.

Benefits of working in RPF (Railway Protection Force): –

  • The first advantage is that you have a government job
  • You will have to take 9 months training before joining. You will also get a salary. After training, when you join the RPF (Railway Protection Force) your salary will increase.
  • have to work on the holiday also.
  • You get a salary of 13 months.
  • You will meet with the freight railway so that you can travel freely on the railway.
  • Your children will get different money for Education
  • You will also get separate money for the uniform.
  • If you are all the Inspector, then you can arrest anyone without any warrant.
  • You will get a different kind of respect. Your family will be proud that you are employed in the RPF (Railway Protection Force).
  • You have got the PF (fund) deposited.
  • If you have done well then you are also given awards and medals.
  • You will also get the pension.
  • You will also get a medical facility. Your family will also get the medical facility.
  • If you go out of the railway work, then you get paid also.
  • You are also given financial assistance.
  • Mess and canteen facilities are also provided.
  • You get a canteen and mess free.
  • You get a place to live nearby.
  • If you want to stay out with your family, then you also get a separate rent from him.
  • And all things come in handy.

What is RPF (Railway Protection Force) what works, how to join, how much salaries

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